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Kersten Geers

(°Ghent, 1975) graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Ghent, Belgium and at the Esquela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid, Spain. He worked with Maxwan Architects and Urbanists and with Neutelings Riedijk Architects in Rotterdam. He was professor at the University of Ghent, and visiting professor at Columbia University, NYC, and the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

David Van Severen

(°Ghent, 1978) graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Ghent, Belgium and at the Esquela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura in Madrid, Spain. He worked with Stéphane Beel Architects, Xaveer De Geyter Architects and for Atelier Maarten Van Severen. He was a teacher and guest critic at the Academy of Amsterdam, the TU Delft, and the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, and he's currently guest tutor at Architecture School of Versailles.


Solo exhibitions

- ‘Talk about Space’, Burgau, GER, 2011

- ‘7 Rooms/15 Tables’, TU Delft, NL, 2010

- ‘7 Rooms’, deSingel International Art Campus, Antwerp, BE, 2009

- ‘35m3’, deSingel international art center, Young Architects, VAI, Antwerp, BE, 2005


Group exhibitions (selection)


- 'OFFICE kgdvs + Bas Princen', at Betts Project, Dubai, UAE

- ‘Oasis’, urban project on the Sharjah Art Bienneal, UAE


- 'Collaborations', installation with San Rocco at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2012

- Office 45 on 'XX Models: young Belgian architecture', at Bozar, Brussels


- Office 113, ‘Garden & Pavilion’, installation, MOT, Tokyo, JP. By invitation of Kazuyo Sejima


- Office 85, ‘Garden Pavilion’, 12th Architecture Biennial, Venice, IT. By invitation of Kazuyo Sejima, i.c.w. Bas Princen. Winner of the Silver Lion.

- ‘West-Arch: A New Generation in Architecture’, in the Ludwig Forum, Aachen, DE

- Office 51, ‘25 Rooms’, in Art Basel, CH. By invitation of Territorial Agency

- Office 71 ‘Strategy for a Lost Landscape’, at Watou Art Festival, BE


- Office 50, ‘After the Party’, 11th Architecture Biennial, Venice, IT.


- Office 35, ‘Cité de Refuge’, in ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher’, Vienna, AT

- Office 35, ‘Cité de Refuge’, 3rd Architecture Biennial, Rotterdam, NL

- Office 27 10th Architecture Biennial, Venice, IT

- Office 17 in ‘Gent Morgen’, Ghent, BE

- ‘New trends in Europe and South East’, traveling exhibition in Tokyo, Patras, Sydney and Luxembourg


- ‘Wonderland’, Young European Architects, traveling exhibition, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Zagreb and Ljubljana


- ‘Groepsportretten’, Witte de With Art Gallery, Rotterdam 


Projects (selection)

144  ‘Pilootprojecten wonen’. Research of new living typologies in Flanders, 2013-...

140  Elementary school, Asse, BE, competition, 2013

137  ‘Keizer Karel’, apartment complex, Ghent, BE, invited competition, 2012

133  ‘Pearl Route’, urban visiting route in Bahrain, competition, 1st prize, under development, 2012-...

132  ‘55 000 Ha pour la nature’, landscape study, Bordeaux, FR, i.c.w. Bureau Bas Smets, under development, 2012-...

130  ‘Solo’, villa near Barcelona, ES, under development, 2012-...

129  'Gebouw O', auditroiumgebouw in Wilrijk, BE. Competition, 2012.

128  'Tondelier’, appartement building, Ghent, BE, under development, 2012-...

126  Dar Al Riffa & Dar Al Jeena, cultural centres in Bahrain, in building preparation, 2012-...

125  ‘Lerooy’, artists’ residence, Brussels, BE, in building preparation, 2012-...

124  'Oasis', Project for the Sharjah Art Bienneal, Sharjah, UAE, 2012-13

120  'Bordeaux TPG', Masterplan for a University Campus, Bordeaux, FR, i.c.w. NP2F, under development, 2012-...

119  'Der bau', house in Linkebeek, BE. 2012-...

118  ‘4 Ecologies’, masterplan, Emiel Vloorssite, Antwerp, BE. Competition, i.c.w. Technum, 1st prize, 2011-…

117  ‘Arbor’, drying hall, Herselt, BE. Under construction, 2011-…

115  ‘De Denderkaai’, Masterplan, Aalst, BE. Invited competition, 2011

114  ‘Passages’, Fashion- and design centre, Brussels, BE. Competition, 2011

112  Extension of the Art Museum of Sankt Gallen, CH. Invited competition, 3de prize, i.c.w. Dan Budik, 2011

113  ‘Garden & Pavillion’, installation, MOT, Tokyo, JP. Project by invitation of Kazuyo Sejima, 2011

110  'Imperfect', scenography, Canadian Centre of Architecture, Montreal, CA. Realised, 2011

109  ‘Bewildering’, Image quality plan for the ‘Groene Singel, Antwerp, BE. Invited competition, i.c.w. Eurospace, H+N+S, Artgineering & Witteveen+Bos, 2011

108  ‘1, Porte d’Ivry’, office building, Paris, FR. Invited competition

105  ‘Kleefse Waard’, industry park renovation and expansion, Anrhem, NL. Under construction, 2011-…

104  ‘Cadixplaats’, Square & park, Antwerp, BE. Competition, i.c.w. LandInzicht, 2011

103  Care centre ‘Waegebrughe’, Kruishoutem, BE. Competition, i.c.w. HHF Architects, 2nd prize, 2011

099  ‘Ilot des Mariniers’, housing complex, Paris, FR. Competition, i.c.w. Eric Lapierre, 2011

098  ‘Brooklyn’, housing complex, Antwerp, BE. Competition, i.c.w. Eric Lapierre, 2011

097  ‘Zone M’, masterplan, Tour&Taxis-site, Brussels, BE. Competition i.c.w. Jan De Vylder

095  'Ark', community centre, Tirua, CL. Project on invitation by Pezo Von Ellrichshausen Architects, In building preparation, 2011-…

094  ‘Fabiola’, exhibition hall, Royal Museum for Fine Arts, Antwerp, BE. Realised, 2010

092  ‘Kunsthallen’, temporary museum, Humboldthafen, Berlin, DE. Invited competition.

091  ‘Doubles Eem’, yacht club, Amersfoort, NL. In building preparation, 2010-…

090  'Belvedere Walraevens', Agriculture school, Leuven, BE. Competition, 1st prize. Under construction, 2010-…

089  Public library, Halle, Belgium. Competition, 2010

086  ‘Tondo Errera’, furniture for the Errera building, Brussels, BE. Realised, i.c.w. Richard venlet, 2010

085  ‘Garden Pavillion (7 Rooms, 21 Perspectives)’, 12th Architecture Biennial, Venice, IT. Invited by

Kazuyo Sejima, i.c.w. Bas Princen Awarded with the Silver Lion, 2010

084  'Boiler House', Somerset, UK, 2010-…

083  Furniture for the Elisa Platteau & Cie art gallery, Brussels, BE. 2010

082  'The Continous Monument', WWII museum in Gdansk, PL. Competition, 2010

079  ‘The World of Lucas Cranach’, scenography Bozar, Brussels, BE, and Musée de Luxembourg, Paris, FR. 2010

078  Library and entrance hall, faculty of architecture and urbanism, University of Ghent, BE. Competition, 1st prize, in building preparation, 2010-…

076  'Wall', Outdoor theater scenography, in Brussels, BE, Ghent, BE and Douai, FR, 2010

075  ‘Urban Villa’, Housing Complex, En Sully, CH. Invited by Christ & Gantenbein Architekten, under development, 2010-…

074  'Snow Valley', Peer, BE. Competition, i.c.w. META Architecten, 2009

073  'Hoevezavel', Elderly house, Lommel, BE. Competition, i.c.w. HHF Architects

071  'Strategy for a lost Landscape', project for the Watou art village, BE. i.c.w. Bureau Bas Smets, 2009

068  'Passage 33', Extension Arts Centre Z33, Hasselt, BE. Competition i.c.w. Francesca Torzo, 2009

065  ‘The Urban Machine’, urban project Mechelen, BE and Kosice, SK. Project for City Visions Europe, Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, NL, 2009-2010

063  ‘Domus’, Church, Hatlehol, NO. Competition i.c.w. Bureau Bas Smets, 2009

062  ‘Villa Schor, house extension, Brussels, BE. Realisation, 2009-2013

061  'Villa Voka', Chamber of Commerce, Kortrijk, BE. Competition, i.c.w. Bureau  Goddeeris and Bas Smets, 1st Prize. Realisation, 2008-2010

057  'Central Park Turnhout', Masterplan & Tunnel/dike, Turnhout, BE. Competition i.c.w. Technum, 1st prize, under development, 2008-…

056  ‘Keywan’, house extension, Merchtem, BE. Under constrution, 2008-2012

055  Extension Plantin-Moretus museum, Antwerp, BE. Competition, 2008

054  Student Housing Kantienberg, Ghent, BE Competition i.c.w. 360 Architects, 2008

051  '25 Rooms', Villa in Ordos, CN. Invited project, curated by Ai Weiwei, 2008

050  'After the Party', Belgian Pavillion at the 11th International Architecture Biennial, Venice, IT. Competition, 1st prize, 2008

045  Kortrijk XPO, Exhibition complex, Kortrijk, BE. I.c.w. Joachim Declerck, Goddeeris and Bas Smets. Realisation, 2007-2009

044  3 Villa's, Ibiza, ES, 2007

041  Lake Side Villa, Keerbergen, BE, 2007

040  Silo's, Leuven, BE. Invited competition, 2nd prize, i.c.w. Stéphane Beel Architects, 2007

039  Villa, Buggenhout, BE. Realisation, 2007-2010

037  ‘A Green Archipelago’, Care City, Lake Marker, NL. Invited competition, i.c.w. Twynstra-Gudde Advisors, 2007

035  ‘Cité de Refuge’, Ceuta, ES. Project for the Architecture Biennial Rotterdam, NL, Special Mention Award, 2007

033  ‘A Vision for Brussels’, Scenography, Bozar, Brussels, BE

030  ‘First Town’, KOR. Competition, honorable mention, i.c.w. Dogma and H&A Architects, 2006

029  Observation Tower, Hoge Kempen, BE. Competition, i.c.w. Util/Rolf Vansteenwegen, in building preparation, 2006-…

028  Asplund Library, Stockholm, SE. Competition, i.c.w. Richard Venlet, 2006

027  ‘Housing and Cemetery’, project for the Architecture Biennial, Venice, IT. I.c.w. Dogma and Elia Zenghelis, 2006

026  ‘Dessian Housing’, housing complex, KOR. I.c.w. Dogma and H&A Architects, 2006

024  ‘Oostende Werft’, exhibition design, Oostende, BE, 2006

023  Bridge for the Handelsbeurs concert hall, Ghent, BE. Realised, 2006-2008

021  Public Floor for Wiels Art Centre Brussel, BE. Competition, 1st prize, under development, 2006-…

022  ‘A garden and a block’, project for Prix de Rome, 2005

020  Art Academy, Tienen, BE. Competition, 2005

019  ‘A Grammar for the City’, New Administrative Capital, KOR. Competition, 1st prize, i.c.w. Dogma, 2005

018  ‘Housing Wall’, Milan, IT. Competition, i.c.w. Baukuh, 2005

017  ‘Braeckman house’ Mansion, Ghent, BE, 2005-2007

016  ‘35m3’, exhibition design, Antwerp, BE, 2005

015  ‘Border Garden’, Border Crossing US-MX. Competition, 1st prize, i.c.w. Wonne Ickx, 2005

012  ‘Museum In Motion’, museum for contemporary art, i.c.w. Dries Vandevelde and Richard Venlet, 2004

010  University Library, Berlin, DE. International Competition, i.c.w. Dan Budik, 2004

009  ‘Tower & Square’, Rotterdam, NL. Project i.c.w. Bas Princen and Milica Topalovic, 2004

007  ‘Summerhouse’, house extension, Ghent, BE. Realised, 2004-2007

006  Belgian Pavilion for the Architecture Biennial Venice, IT. Competition, 2nd prize, i.c.w. Dries Vandevelde, Richard Venlet and Laurent Ney, 2003

005  Showroom and studio, Venice, LA, US, 2003

004  ‘Non Stop’, object for Beople Magazine, 2003

002  ‘Entrance’, notary's Office, Antwerp, BE