Nigel Coates
David in Voxtacity

Opens on Thursday 26 September, 6—8 pm

27 September — 31 October 2019

100 Central Street, London EC1V


The works emerge from a theoretical environment Coates calls Voxtacity which revives the area of Vauxhall in London as a pleasure garden in the more recent tradition of the expo or the theme park.

During the mid-17th century to the mid-19th century Vauxhall Gardens was one of the leading venues for public entertainment in London. Several acres of trees and shrubs with large pavilions were designed to host crowds of people for entertainment; tightrope walkers, hot-air balloon ascents, concerts, operas, fireworks, food and drink all amounted to a new form of capitalism in the city. It was a commercialised pleasure, where the glamorous world of riches, fashion and high culture revealed its gluttonous dark side; royals partied with prostitutes, and the middle classes went to be scandalised and seduced by the abundance on display.